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About Us

Our Company

At Storage and Carts, we have over two decades of experience providing effective and reliable space-solving storage products to organizations of all types and sizes. Storage and Carts provides the products you need from our online storage center. We specialize in kitted storage products that include everything you need to install the equipment at your location. 

With an abundance of experience in the storage solution industry, we’re able to offer the top products in each industry category to meet your specific storage needs. We serve customers in a variety of industries and organizations, including retail, libraries, healthcare, athletics, schools, tech labs, law enforcement, museums, automotive, industrial, security rooms, data centers and more. If you’re looking for a solid and reliable storage solutions, we’re here to serve you. 

Online Space-Solving Storage Solutions

Finding the right storage solution for your organization should be easy. The goal of Storage and Carts is to provide an online outlet to make professional storage solutions and products accessible no matter where you're located. 

We want you to have the information necessary to instill confidence and understand your space-solving storage options without having to be an industry expert. Our kitted storage products make installation possible at your location without a customized install. 

We offer a wide range of products online from our suppliers to help you find the best storage solution available. 

Expert Storage Solution Provider

Storage is our business, and our number one objective is to help you easily locate the best storage and space-solving solution for your business or organization. We've selected products specifically designed to be installed at your location. Whether you need lockers, retail shelves, automotive supply storage or more, we've got the right fit to keep you organized and productive.  

Our Commitment

At Storage and Carts, we supply top-quality products with outstanding customer service. We know that the foundation for our business is to provide solid storage solutions and support for your business or organization. We have a commitment to ensure the products you need are readily available and competitively priced. 

Our years of experience, industry knowledge and devotion to quality products and service, support our desire to help each customer make informed decisions. We continually invest in industry technology and advancements to offer you the best products available today. As an industry expert, Storage and Carts is committed to customer satisfaction, quality products and useful storage components at a competitive price. We are excited to help you find the right space-saving storage solution!